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Copy of provider access policy statement
Copy of subject accedd request policy im


Copy of ppg policy image.png
Copy of charging and remissions policy i


Copy of Access plan image.png
Copy of equality and diversity policy im
Copy of equal opps policy image.png
Copy of SEN policy image.png
Copy of Single equality policy image.png


Copy of set procedures image.png
Copy of keeping children safe in educati
Copy of children protection policy image
Copy of anti bullying policy image.png
Copy of e safety policy image.png
Copy of cctv policy image.png
Copy of whistleblowing policy image.png


Copy of SEAX FOI scheme image.png
Copy of complaints form image.png
Complaints Policy.png

Teaching and Learning

Copy of assessment and marking image.png
Copy of behaviour policy image.png
Copy of code of conduct image.png
Copy of Homework policy image.png
Copy of rse policy image.png
Copy of teaching and learning policy ima
Copy of curriculum policy image.png

Trips & Travel

Copy of educational visits policy image.
Copy of school travel plan policy image.


Copy of complaints policy image.png
Copy of recruitment policy image.png
Copy of attendance policy image.png
Copy of admissions criteria image.png

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The school is located in central Colchester with its own spacious grounds and has excellent links with the surrounding community and local schools. In order to fully appreciate our unique special school, we strongly recommend that you visit us. 

Kingswode Hoe Special School

Sussex Road



01206 576408

Headteacher: Mrs Alice Constantine

Chair of Local Academy Committee: Mrs Sally Coode-Bate

To get in contact with the school or to request paper copies of information on the website, please use the form on the right. 

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