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Transport and Travel Training 

Free Transport

Free Transport

Some pupils receive free transport to and from the school. This is subject to fulfilling strict criteria laid down by the local authority (please check current eligibility distances).


For information regarding free transport applications you can contact Essex County Council in the following ways:

Essex County Council.jpg

0845 603 2200

SEN Transport Assessment Team,

PO Box 4261,

County Hall,


CM1 1GS   

Travel Training

Travel Training

Travel training is designed to help people get more from life by giving them the confidence to travel independently. Being able to access public transport helps people to make their own choices about how they live and what they want to achieve. Pupils in Year 11 are encouraged to travel independently, using a bus pass.


Travel training can help overcome barriers to:

  • Employment

  • Social inclusion

  • Independent journeys to School/College

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travel-training-leaflet 1.PNG
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