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School clubs
Plain Toast

Please see the forms below to find out about joining our breakfast club

School Clubs

We run a wide range of clubs and activities to engage pupils, match their interests and extend their skills, encouraging positive social interaction. Clubs and extra curricular activites are key stepping stones towards our key outcomes of independence, identity and self expression and being part of the wider community. We encourage all our pupils to take part in clubs and discover activities that they can pursue throughout their lives.

Please note that, due to Covid, clubs are not currently running.

Local Clubs & Activities

We are sometimes given information about local clubs and activities that may be of interest. We encourage parents and pupils to investigate further and participate in suitable extra-curricular clubs in the community where appropriate. However, we cannot be responsible for the content of external links or nature of activities run by external providers.

Out of school
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During the Summer, Winter and Spring school breaks CHUMS (Children's Holidays at the University of Essex Multi-activity Sports) offers an action-packed holiday activity camp for children, aged from eight to fourteen.

Active youngsters can enjoy an exciting array of sports every day, including badminton, basketball, dodgeball, football, discgolf, korfball, kwik cricket, stoolball, tennis, uni-hoc and much, much more. With ample indoor facilities and safe outdoor space, the children will have fun, whatever the weather.

All activities are carried out under close supervision with qualified first-aid staff within the Sports Centre.

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